iPad Road Test

I brought my iPad with me to EMC World to give it a good road test. This is my experience.

Apple iPad

Decisions, decisions

For the first day, I decided to carry it and leave my laptop behind. Kind of live without a net approach. I arrived at the Bloggers Lounge, connected, and cranked out blog post #1. I emailed a picture from my iPhone to myself and copied to my iPad. I made a note to find a better way to get photos on my iPad.
My iPad is the WiFi model and this is where my trouble began. This was no shortcoming of the iPad but of the wireless access provided at the conference center. I kept having issues getting an IP address and kept turning off WiFi and back on to attempt to reconnect. This was impossible upon returning to the Bloggers Lounge for the first keynote address. When all the attendees converged in the keynote area with laptops and smart phones, none of us could connect. This is where the 3G model or my Cradle Point would have been handy.
When you take an iPad off line, what is left? A note taking machine. I used it to make notes during sessions in the iWorks Pages app. This app is handy and makes formatting a breeze.
When I could connect, I used it to post to Twitter via Tweetdeck. I started composing a blog post with the WordPress app. I checked in on the world with the Wall Street Journal app, and I used Google Reader to follow blogs and articles of fellow atendees.
During some downtime, I searched the AppStore for some photo apps. I found Camera for iPad. At $0.99, the price was right for a try out. This app installs on both the iPad and iPhone and connects the two over Bluetooth or WiFi and displays what the camera sees on the iPad. It copies the picture from the iPhoneto the iPad and allows the iPad to serve as a flash for the camera. This was what I needed to make blogging easier. I also created an album using the Picasa app and tagged and up loaded my photos.

A call went out on day 2 to share notes. I was able to do this via my iWorks folder. I am finding more and more of my average, daily functions can be performed with it. Sharing information was a bit of a task. iWorks makes sharing easy but no collaboration unless others have iPads or Macs running iWorks.

I have been composing blogs from my notes. I have found a bug in the WordPress app making pasting into it a hit or miss prospect. This proved to be the biggest setback and made composing blog posts more difficult.

Overall, I would call my experiment with the iPad a success. It was a useful tool during the conference allowing me to take and organize notes from sessions, take and organize pictures, keep up with social media, blog, and search for information. So in addition to being THE media consumption device, it is a useful tool for my daily life. Also, Pinball 3D is an awesome way to spend some downtime and doesn’t require quarters!

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2 Responses to iPad Road Test

  1. Tom Erb says:

    Nice post Dave! I have held off on the iPad so far and opted for a Macbook instead which I love. Its good to hear that it has the functionality we all were hoping for.

    • thesuperdave says:

      There are still bugs but most of those can be addressed with app updates and OS fixes.
      Thinking about a Macbook Pro one day but we shall see.

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